The Facebook Group and Forum both allow students to connect, to ask questions, and to share updates.

PWJ Facebook Group: The PWJ Private Facebook group is the recommended place to share videos of your piano progress. This is because Facebook makes it easy to upload videos and to comment and "react" to other videos

  • We have students posting from every skill level so you can always feel welcome posting in this group. 
  • We encourage students to share works in progress, not just polished performances.
  • The FB group is the #1 way to overcome performance anxiety and build your confidence playing in front of others.

PWJ Member Forum: The PWJ member forum is the place for discussions among students. The forum is organized by topic so you can easily find the conversations that interest you. Forum areas include: 

  • Getting Started
    • Orientation
    • Introduction
    • Practice Log
  • Sharing
    • Goals
    • Student Collaboration
    • Student Spotlight
    • Member Challenges
    • Inspiration
    • Local Students
  • Catalogue Discussion
    • Course Questions
    • Shows
    • Practice Tips
  • Recommendations
    • Pianos
    • Recording
    • Tools
  • Suggestions