Office Hours is an opportunity to get interactive feedback from a professional piano coach!

How to participate:
This show will not be live-streamed, participants will use the Zoom link provided here:
Passcode: 88128

Office Hours usually occurs every Tuesday from 10:30am-12pm PT (check our Shows page to confirm)

Office Hours is led by John Proulx, a jazz pianist, vocalist, and Grammy Award-winning composer. 

What if I can’t attend?
If you are not able to attend, we will archive these classes on our Shows page so you’ll be able to watch the recording at any time. You can also still participate in the Q&A Submissions, and Student Assessment.

How much time will I have for my question?
It depends on how many participants we have, but we’ll probably set a 5-10 minute timer for each student. Also, you do not need to stay for the full duration of the office hours.

What types of questions can I ask?
You can ask any general music questions, or more specific questions about something you’re working on. Think of it as a mini private lesson!

Do I have to participate?
No. If you just want to join the meeting and learn from observing your peers, that is fine too!

Not sure how to use Zoom?
Click here for detailed instructions on how to join a Zoom meeting.